Revenue Management Consulting


King Hospitality Consulting was founded to provide unparalleled, strategic vision for Revenue Management within branded, independent, luxury, and boutique hotels. Time is money and succinctly said King Hospitality Consulting is your Hotel Revenue Management compass.

Through a holistic approach including market-relevant staffing models, dynamic pricing, accurate forecasting, discerning trends, monitoring inventory distribution and more, Christa King, Principal of King Hospitality Consulting, effectively directs strategies for maximizing top-line revenue.

Ms. King, an adept Senior Revenue Management Consultant, boasts more than 17 years experience creating and directing corporate, regional and property-level strategies for renowned brands such Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Joie de Vivre. Her diverse, yet customized expertise in analytics is rivaled only by her passion to import invaluable tools and training to on-site revenue teams.

Learn more about how King Hospitality Consulting’s formula of market savvy and quantifiable substance can help you increase profitability.

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